To start Mobile Hospital

To start Mobile Hospital for providing free medication to the poor
patients of remote areas :-
It is observed that, there are many villages which are in remote areas, there are
no government hospitals or primary health centers in these villages. Every time the
patients of the remote areas have to go to Taluka Place or District Place to get the
medication and Taluka Place is near about 50 K.M. far from these villages and District
Place is near about 100 K. M. from these villages. The patients have to spend some
money in travelling and some money in purchasing the medicines. Many poor, rural
patients do not have sufficient money for travelling and for purchasing medicines and as
there is no availability of hospital in the rural area many patients die because of not
getting the medication in time. So we have decided to start mobile hospital to provide
the free medical facilities to the poor patients of remote areas and for this purpose we
have decided to purchased a new mobile van, medical equipments and sufficient stock
of medicines and injections. Kind hearted persons may donate the desired amount for
this noble cause.

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