To EstablishOrphanage for the Orphan Children

To start and to establish the orphanage for the orphan children :-

It is observed that, many orphan children they are living the painful life of street

children. The children who are parentless, they do not get love from the community,

from the society and they reside under the railway bridge, the road bridge, by the side of

road, on the footpath. They beg at the bus stand, at the railway station, at the market


place. They use torn clothes. Some of them are found naked or half naked. They do not

get sufficient food twice in a day.

As they are parentless and helpless therefore there is no one to take care of

them and these orphan children do not get opportunity to get the admission in the

school and they are deprived from getting the education. Some of the orphan children

are used by notorious criminals and they involve these orphan children in the criminal

activities. So our NGO has decided to start and to establish the orphanage to these

helpless orphan children to provide the free residence (Shelter) and free food and the

free availability of educational materials.

We have to purchase the land and we have to erect the building with all facilities

(Electric Supply, Water Supply) for the orphanage.

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