Rehabilitation Centre for widows

It is observed that, the husbands of young married women die because of some
incurable diseases, some of them die in accident and because of which many married
women become widow. These widows are despised by the society. The society looked
down upon these helpless widows. Most of the widows are jobless. The widows are
thrown out of the houses by their mother-in- laws and father-in- laws. The parents of the
widows also do not accept to their married daughters after the death of their husbands
and the widows do not get the shelter at the residence of their parents. Most of the
widows when face difficulties and when they do not get any financial support and any
source for their livelihood they become frustrated and most of the widows commit
suicide in very young age. In order to give the respectable life and in order to give the
financial support to these helpless widows our NGO has decided to start and to
establish rehabilitation centre for widows where free residence, free food, and clothing
will be provided to these widows and vocational training of different skills will be
provided to these helpless widows so that they can easily get self employment.
We have to construct a building for rehabilitation centre for widows and we will
also require some instruments and machines such as sewing machines, typing
machines, computers etc. for giving them the vocational training. We will have to
appoint the experts / trainer to give the vocational training to these widows. To run the
rehabilitation centre for widows we need the appropriate fund.

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