Home for old aged persons

It is observed that, when the people become old they are driver out of the houses
many times by their own married daughters and sons and many times old father-in- laws
and mother-in- laws are also driven from the houses by their daughter-in- laws.
The old persons are very helpless, in old age they cannot do any hard labour
work, manual work. They are not in a position to earn something for their livelihood. All
over country there are many old person residential homes but the old person who has to
take admission in these old person residential homes he or she has to pay near about
Rs. 10,000/- as admission fee and after getting the admission in these old person
residential home. That old person has to pay Rs. 5,000/- per month to stay in the said
old person residential home and for the poor old persons who are driven out of their
houses by their family members is not possible to take the admission in such a
sophisticated old persons homes and they are not able to make the payment of Rs.
5,000/- per month as a charge for their residence and for the food in the said old aged
persons homes and so we have decided to start the old aged persons homes for poor
old persons where the free residence and free food and free medication will be provided
to these poor helpless, old aged persons.

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