Adv.Sudhir Tayade.



1 Full Name Adv. Sudhir Hiramanji Tayade
2 Educational Qualification B.Sc., LL.B.
3 Original Paternal Place At Post. Kapustalni, Tq. Anjangaon Surji, Dist. Amravati (Maharashtra State), India
4 The Name of the Institution where the Higher Primary Education is Completed Edith Douglas Middle School, Yerla, Post. Fetari, Tq. & Dist. Nagpur, (Maharashtra State), India
5 The Name of Institution where the Secondary Education is completed Fetari Vidyalaya, Fetari, Post. Fetari, Tq. & Dist. Nagpur, (Maharashtra State), India
6 The Name of Institution where the Higher Secondary Education is completed Municipal Junior  (Science) College, Kalmeshwar, Tq. Kalmeshwar, Dist. Nagpur, (Maharashtra State), India
7 The Name of University through which the Science Graduation is Completed Amravati University, Amravati, Tq. & Dist. Amravati, (Maharashtra State), India
8 The Name of University through which Post Graduation in Law Faculty is Completed Amravati University, Amravati, Tq. & Dist. Amravati, (Maharashtra State), India
9 Languages Known Marathi, Hindi and English
10 Founder President Blue Tiger Force (Maharashtra State)
11 Founder President Blue Tiger Social Foundation, Amravati, Reg. No. MAH / 1340 / 2013 / AMRAVATI
12 Chief Editor Blue Tiger, RNI No. MAH / MAR / 15664 / 2005
13 Other Achievements  
Ex. Member of Advisory Committee, Worker Welfare Centre, Rahul Nagar, Amravati, Worked as a Teacher in one of the English Convents of Amravati for 4 Years, Orator, Educationist, Lawyer, Social Activist, Poet, Author, Journalist, Social Analyst, Translator, Leader of Workers, Legal Advisor of Thirty Voluntary Social Organizations and 3 Government Employees Organizations. Number of Articles on Social Issues have been published in Marathi, in Hindi and in English Newspapers.
14 The Span / Period of Social Work 20 Years
15 The Field in which the Social Contribution is Given  
In the Field of Education, In the Field of il-literacy, Malnutrition, Poverty, Superstitions, Anti-alcoholism, Family Planning, In the Field of Health, Morcha & Agitation for more than Thousand times in order to bring the attention of the concerned Government and the concerned higher Government Authorities towards the problems of people of scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and backward class, and the poor helpless widows and financially weak women and old, Helpless persons.
16 Special Contribution  
Special Contribution of Successive 20 Years to bring the change in standard of living of the people of Fasepardhi Community (The most Backward Tribal Community of India),  to remove the Superstitions and to explain the importance of Education to the people of Fasepardhi Community, the Most Backward Tribal Community of Maharashtra State of India
17 Permanent Home Address / Residential Address Adv. Sudhir H. Tayade, B.Sc., LL.B. Jail Quarter Road, Near Police Chowki, Bichchu Tekdi, (Rahul Nagar), Amravati Camp-444602 (Maharashtra State) India
18 Contact Numbers 09372125797 / 09370967059 / 09325625710 / 09730110747
19 E-mail ID
20 Face Book Face Book is in the Name of SUDHIR TAYADE (My Own Constructed Some Selected Revolutionary Poems and the Information Regarding my Social Work with Some Selected Photographs is available in my Face-book)


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