We are happy and we are very glad to supply you the information about the Social Organisation Blue Tiger Force (Maharashtra); the Social NGO named Blue Tiger Social Foundation, Amravati.We have to clarify that, we or any member of our organization or our NGO or our organization is not connected with any political party and we do not have any connection with any political party and we and our organization do not work for any political party, but we and our organization only work for the betterment of the Poor People of weaker society of our nation. We are not working for spreading the any religion and we are not working for making the followers of any particular religion, but we work only for humanity and we have been working to wipe out the tears from the eyes of depressed people and we have been taking efforts to bring smile on the face of unhappy people. Our Target is to make happy and prosperous to every unhappy person. Blue Tiger Force is established by us in the leadership of Adv. Sudhir H. Tayade only to fight aggressively against the corrupt system and against the incapable Government Authorities and against the Government for giving the justice to the poor people and to the victims and to the relatives of the victims before 20 years. Adv. Sudhir H. Tayade is a Founder President of Blue Tiger Force (Maharashtra State). Many times, many Morchas had been taken in the leadership of Adv. Sudhir H. Tayade for bringing the attention of Government towards the problems of poor people of the weaker section of the society. We are having at present 30,000 Activists in our social organization of Blue Tiger Force and at present we are having 75 Branches of Blue Tiger Force in Amravati and Washim District of Maharashtra State. Blue Tiger Force is specially established as a pressure group to fight aggressively against the corrupt system on the street against the Government and for compelling the Government to implement the Government Schemes for the welfare of the poor people of Scheduled Caste, the poor people of Tribal Communities, the poor people of Minority. Blue Tiger Force has been continuously working to bring a positive change in the living standard of poor people of the weaker sections of the society since last 20 years. The social contribution of Blue Tiger Force is very huge and it is impossible to express the social contribution of Blue Tiger Force in the words.In the span of 20 years the Blue Tiger Force has given the justice to the thousands of victims and thousands of poor people of weaker sections of the society.Then for implementing the different social projects the NGO named Blue Tiger Social Foundation, Amravati is registered act Assistant Charity Commissioner, Amravati and the registration no.of our NGO is MAH / 1340 / 13 / AMRAVATI. We have to implement the different social projects under our NGO. We have to provide the homes to the homeless, we have to provide the free medicines, free medical facilities to the poor patients in remote areas, we have to start residential schools for the streets boys and streets girls and we have provide them free shelter, free food and free education. We have to start the old aged homes for the helpless old people. Blue Tiger Force is the Brother of Blue Tiger Social Foundation, Amravati and Blue Tiger Social Foundation is the Sister of Blue Tiger Force.Our NGO Blue Tiger Social Foundation has been working to solve the problems of malnutrition, in the field of Education to provide the free education to the poor students, to take efforts to eradicate the poverty, illiteracy, superstitions. Our NGO Blue Tiger Social Foundation has been taking a lots of efforts to overcome the problem of un-employment by providing the Private Jobs to the educated jobless persons and by providing them Government Loans and private loans through different Banks to start their Business and to get the self employment. Yet we have not received any financial help from Maharashtra State Government or from Central Government (Government of India) for our NGO and we have not received any fund from any National or International Institute or NGO or Company or Firm for our NGO to start and to implement our proposed social projects.

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