My Two Words

I would like to introduce myself. I am Adv. Sudhir H. Tayade. I had decided to work in the social movement before Twenty years. Then I committed my life for the social movement and I started to wipe out thetears from the eyes of unhappy and helpless people. Sometimes, I think that I am the most unlucky person. During my work, many times, the loneliness gives very pain to my heart and to my mind but every time the social movement gives me courage to fight with the calamities and it gives  me a huge energy. I am a ground level social worker. I am a grass root level social activist. Social movement is not my business, but the social movement is mypassion. I have been very honestly working for the betterment and for the upliftment of downtrodden and the poor people. I have established a very strong and powerful, non political social organisation named Blue Tiger Force for giving the justice to the victims. Blue Tiger Force fights for the protection of the rights of tribal people, people of nomadic tribes, minority people (Muslims and Christians), people backward class and common people. I have not been working only to get the awards for my social contribution from the different social foundations or from the state government or from the central government (Govt. of India). I am not thirsty for awards.My organisation has been strongly fighting against the casteism, fanatism, corruption, superstitions, communalism and taking the efforts to strengthen the national integrity and to solve the problems of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and unemployment without financial support of anybody. I am trying to overcome my own problems by participating myself in social activities and always keeping myself busy in social work. My social contribution is hidden because I have never made advertisement of my social work. Many organizations and many regional political parties are trying to make the fractions of the society and the nation on the basis of regional language, on the basis of state (province). I think that it is extremely wrong to make the fractions of the country only to achieve the political goal, only to come into power on the issue ofreligion, language, caste, race and state.Our organisation has been strongly opposing the politicians who aretrying to divide this nation into fragments. I respect the INDIAN CONTITUTION. It has been written by the most talented person named Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. I believe that the INDIAN CONTITUTION is the bestin the world and it has given equal rights to the all people India. Discrimination on the basis of caste, race, religion, gender, language is strongly prohibited in the INDIAN CONSTITUTION. Every citizen of India should respect the INDIAN CONSTITUTION and he/she should not behave against any provision of the INDIAN CONTITUTION.STATEISM AND LANGUAGEISM these things can never carry the state towards the progress but they can ruin the state. Any person whobelieves that all people are equal, who professes equality and opposes inequality, who does not believe in untouchability such secular minded andsocial minded person of any caste, of any religion, of any state of India who is interested in social work can become the member or executive member of BLUE TIGER FORCE. Such persons may send their personal Biodata with three coloured passport size photos/post card size photos, zerox copies of election card/Aadhar card and Educational documents to me then appointment orders, identity cards will be issued to then to then after completing all the legal formalities. I am also the chief Editor of Blue Tiger (R.N.I. No. MAH/MAR/15664/2005). Those who are interested in writing and those who are having the talents of writing poems, articles such poetsand authors can send their poems, articles for the publication. News ofinjustice should be sent. The matter should be in Marathi and in Hindi.DONORS MAY DONATE GENEROUSLY TO GIVE THE SPEED TOTHE SOCIAL MOVEMENT. DONORS MAY SEND DEMAND DRAFTS INTHE NAME OF SUDHIR HIRAMANJI TAYADE. THEY MAY DEPOSIT THE DESIRED AMOUNT IN MY BANK ACCOUNT. I have to erect a strong network of honest social workers all over the country. I need the co- operation from my friends and well wishers. The persons who want to meet me personally and want to tell their problems, they may contact me on mypersonal mobile Number or they can send the message on my facebook or on my E-mail ID Address.EQUAL OPPORTUNITY WILL BE GIVEN TO INTERESTED MALE AND FEMALE CANDIDATES TO WORK IN BLUE TIGER FORCE.LET US UNITE TOGETHER AND LET US TAKE EFFORTS TO BUILD A STRONG, POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, SECULAR, HEALTHY,PROSPEROUS INDIA

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